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Thursday Color: Page 39

Hey guys, Matt here.  Sorry for the lack of updates past couple weeks – Jim and I were both hit with big life changes, and just got swamped by everything.  We’re just about all back now, and have a new color today, and a new page coming Monday.

We were so excited by this new color – we think it definitely took the page up another notch.  Santi did an awesome job.  Hopefully you like it too!

Aerin_page39_780pxR   Aerin_page39_780pxC

New Cover!

In lieu of a new color page this week, we have a new cover!   Hope you guys like it.  We wanted something that would really capture the personalities of our trio.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


We’re back!

We’re back and ready to be better than ever guys!  We apologize for the delay, and thank you for understanding that we had some things we had to take care of before giving our full concentration back to Aerin.  The whole team is very excited for the future, and we’re going right back to updates every Monday on new pages.  Big things ahead – we hope you’re along for the journey!

Pardon our delay

Hey guys!  We know our updates have been a bit delayed lately, but please bear with us.  All kinds of big life things happening with the Aerin team.  Jim’s dealing with finals/graduation.  Matt’s moving.  Santi’s been traveling.  But don’t worry, we’ll be back with a vengeance!  The cool/lucky thing is everything’s kind of happening at once!  :D

In the meantime, check out a new Pompeo promo card!

pompeo promo